Menya Jiro

📍 Queens, NY

Experience Authentic Japanese Ramen at Menya Jiro

A Legacy of Excellence

In 2007, the founders of Menya Jiro launched a humble ramen shop in Kagoshima, Japan. Its overwhelming success led to its migration to the bustling streets of New York City, where it quickly became a celebrated hotspot.

Award-Winning Craftsmanship

Menya Jiro's reputation for excellence is indisputable, evidenced by consecutive victories at the 2016 and '17 New York Street Ramen Contests. Our dedication to quality has led to the establishment of multiple brick-and-mortar locations in both New York City and Japan.

A Symphony of Flavors

Indulge in our signature ramen, a meticulously crafted blend of pork tonkotsu and chicken broths infused with soy sauce and seasonings imported directly from Kagoshima. Each bowl boasts a perfect balance of umami-packed flavors, complemented by springy handmade noodles and tender slices of slow-roasted chashu pork.

Acclaimed by Critics and Customers Alike

Menya Jiro Ramen has been hailed by Metro, Gothamist, and Crain's New York, among others. Our excellence has also been showcased on national television in Japan and recognized in esteemed competitions like the Yamanashi Shimbun Grand Prix.