Fried Chicken Combo

By BentOn

Order placed: February 23, 2024

Dispatch Date: February 26, 2024

Delivery Date: February 27, 2024

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Fried chicken is the king of comfort food. Served with local veggies and an addictive sweet and sour green onion sauce, carrots, pumpkin, okura, lotus root slices, and pickled eggplant, all over a super-nutritious quinoa white rice, you’re eating tasty and healthily!

Chicken and local vegetable sweet and sour Green Onion sauce bowl. A low-carbohydrate, low-fat, nutritionally balanced meal kit. It is rich in B vitamins and is effective for improving metabolism in the body and recovering from fatigue. Please heal your tired body and use it for a nutritional charge. Even better balanced when eaten with vegetable soup. It will be a healthy and satisfying diet.

『Fresh』"Deliciousness and nutrition as it is"
All of our ingredients are prepared and cooked at the BentOn factory in Long Island City, NY. Immediately after cooking, we instantly free the food into a chilled condition and deliver them. That is how we keep our food fresh to the moment it arrives at your home. Since we don't use any preservatives or additives in our food, it is safe for children as well. "Deliciousness and nutritious as is"

『Safe』"We use Japanese rice Nanatsuboshi"
We mainly use vegetables grown in local farms in NY, NJ, PA, and CT. We carefully select and purchase from trusted Japanese wholesalers to ensure you can enjoy our meats, fish, and rice with peace of mind. "We use Japanese rice Nanatsuboshi"

BentOn was founded in 2006 by TORU FURUKAWA. The first factory was opened the Lower East Side of Manhattan as FUJI Catering from “AZUMA CATERING” in TOKYO,JAPAN.
Mr. FURUKAWA from a family of BENTO makers from Tokyo Japan, and the first to bring “Authentic and Traditional JAPANESE BENTO culture” to New York City.


Fried Chicken 2~3pcs x 2 packs

Carrot, pumpkin, Okura, Lotusroot veg pack x 2 packs

Sweet and Sour scallion sauce x 4

Pickled eggplant x 2packs

Quinoa White rice x 2packs


Fried Chicken 2~3pcs x 2 packs/Carrot, pumpkin, Okura, Lotusroot veg pack x 2 packs/Sweet and Sour scallion sauce x 2/Quinoa White rice x 2packs
-Re-heat in boiling water for the designated time on each pouch

Pickled eggplant x 2packs
-ready to eat

How to Store Food
Each meal is then quickly cooled, vacuum-sealed in pouches, and shipped chilled on ice to you
Upon arrival, place all packs in the fridge.