Frying pan for omlet rice


Order placed: February 23, 2024

Dispatch Date: February 28, 2024

Delivery Date: March 06, 2024

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Calculated shapes that are easy to make and beautiful to finish
Large frying pans make it difficult to put together an omelet because the eggs spread out too much, but this pan is designed for one serving, so you can make an omelet for omelet rice with the perfect size.
■Non-stick design
The bottom of the frying pan is made thicker on purpose.
The bottom of the pan is made thicker on purpose, because if it is too thin, it will burn easily.
It is also coated with fluorine, making it non-stick and very easy to wash.

■Sloped bottom surface
The most difficult part is to roll the omelet.
The bottom of the pan is sloped to avoid mistakes in this process.It took us more than a year to determine and develop the 0.8° angle shown in 'SectionB'.
I have found that the slope makes it easier to roll the omelet.

Furthermore, in pursuit of a beautiful finish and effortless turning over rounder than most pans. The long handle makes moving the eggs very smooth.