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The "Happo Chabako" is made with Japanese heritage techniques and craftsmanship, and is set with individual plates and small tatami plates made by recycling discarded domestic scraps. It is a collection of Japan's "important traditional culture" that we want to protect in the present age. Enjoy the tea ceremony in your own style, regardless of school, and spend a moment to prepare your mind. This set allows you to quietly enjoy matcha tea made with a tea whisk without worrying about the place or manners.
We deliver sustainable “protect and nurture” thoughts to a wide range of ages.

・Japanese cypress wooden box
・Bamboo whisk, bamboo scoop
・Raku tea bowl
・Wooden plate
・ Small Tatami mat / tatami stage
・Mizuhiki band

A set for drinking matcha, which is good for your health, at home. You are not making matcha in the kitchen. The tea ceremony is held in a Japanese-style room with tatami mats. However, with this set, you can enjoy the Japanese culture of making and drinking matcha in your living room, even if you don't have a Japanese-style room.
First, place the tatami plate on the table. By doing so, a Japanese-style room will appear on your table. You can drink matcha in a Japanese space more casually than the tea ceremony.

・Japanese cypress wooden box
Yuki Yoshitani
Yoshitani woodworking shop
He is the 6th generation of this woodworking shop, which produces “sanbo” and the inventor of this box. The bending technique is also registered as a Japanese heritage. Based on Shinto tools of manufacturing technique, which has been registered as a Japanese heritage, this box is made through the Japense traditional technique with for becoming a new tool suitable for modern life.The prototype of this box is the Japan's leading traditional culture technology competition in 2021 crafts and miscellaneous goods category’s Grand Prix winning work.

・bamboo whisk, bamboo scoop
Sabun Kubo
Chikumeido Sabun
The craftsmanship boasts the sophisticated beauty unique to traditional Japanese crafts
Founded in 1633, he is the twenty-fourth generation and a tea whisk master; he is the current chairman of Takayama Chasen Traditional Craftsmen Association; he is the former chairman of the Ikoma Chamber of Commerce and Industry; and the former Chairman of the Takayama Chasen Production Cooperative Association in Nara Prefecture. In 2015, he was awarded the Order of the Rising Sun, Gold Rays with Rosette in the Autumn Conferment of Decorations ceremony.

・Raku tea bowl
Sasaki Kyoshitsu
In 2011, he succeeded Kiraig-ama’s second generation Kyoshitsu. He is also the 4th generation Shoraku-gama with a history of more than 100 years since 1905.
Raku tea bowl is said to have started when Sen no Rikyu* asked someone to make it to drink matcha. In order to preserve the craftsmen’s techniques and spirit, he is committed to the next generation education and sharing information.

Etsuko Yamada
Square cloth which wraps anything,
An ambassador of the “wrapping culture” which charms with beautiful gestures.
As the art director of “Musubi”, she is committed to spread furoshiki (wrapping cloth) culture. She creates and shares usage methods that match one’s current lifestyle. Her standing posture when wrapping is dignified, and her gestures are beautiful down to her fingertips.

・Mizuhiki band
Chikayo Aritaka
Aritaka Senzandou
She is a certified traditional craftsman in Ehime prefecture. She mastered the techniques that have been handed over generation to generation at Aritaka Senzandou, which was founded in 1930. As a mizuhiki designer, she also continues to pursue the possibilities of mizuhiki by creating art works.

・Small Tatami mat / tatami stage
Keisuke Sugie
Kubun Tatami
He is a tatami craftsman. He creates the folds of tatami(border material) beautifully with his 20 year craft experience. With the demand for tatami mats declining, he created small tatami plates and explored a new way to use them with us at HANAYU-KI.

・Japanese Cypress wooden plate
Tomohichi Kondo
Takahashi Architecture
A reliable technique from over half a century experience.
The skillful handling of wood with the right amount of pressure.
He is a master carpenter with 50 years of experience, and he is also a furniture craftsman. While he entrusts young carpenters more and more in residential construction, his skills, such as fine workmanship, are becoming more and more polished.

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