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The most delicious subscriptions for Japanese foodies you love 🎌 Enjoy special dinner every month with us 😋✨ Some months will be the best Japanese savory menus like luxury yakiniku, rich ramen, satisfying donburi, others will be elegant desserts or must-try amazing appetizers like pork belly or yakitori 🍽️ Every month, you will get the best Japanese feast ever 😍

Umami Square team will curate each monthly box with items we deem legendary. Each box will always have enough food to serve at least 2 people (and sometimes more).

The monthly box cannot be modified at this time, we are working on making these options in the future.
Weekly option is once a week and Monthly option is once a month

Product Info

Step 1
Enter recipient’s shipping information.

Step 2
Enter your recipient’s email in the Recipient Information field during checkout.
We’ll use this email to instantly notify your recipient of the epic subscription headed their way and to send monthly updates before their order ships.
If you are purchasing a subscription for yourself (because you deserve it!), be sure to include your own email in the recipient field so you are notified when your next box is being prepared each month!
If you are sending this as a gift, your recipient will receive the announcement along with your gift message. If you don’t want the recipient to be notified instantly, enter your own email as the recipient email and you can print it out or forward it to the recipient at a later date.
Important information regarding your subscription: Due to the perishable nature of the food we send, it’s very important that your recipient knows when to expect their package. Including their email will ensure the order can be enjoyed as intended.

Step 3
Each month we will send a fresh box of Umami Square finds to subscribers.
Below are just examples of the kinds of items you may receive each month:
・Yakiniku West's Yakiniku @ home "Zei"
・Y noodle Bar's Unadon Kit
・Shingen's Moringa Soba
・Shinka Ramen's Beef Bone Marrow Ramen
・Shingen's Hiroo no Curry
・Mochii's Gluten free Mochi Icre Cream

More Info
Subscription orders placed by the end of month at 12:00pm (EST) will arrive the month following the purchase of the subscription, while orders placed after that date will arrive a month later.
We announce the shipment of boxes around the 15th of every month and schedule delivery for 3 – 5 business days. Each time a shipment is on the way, we will send tracking information.(Second Thursday of the month) If you have any questions or concerns, please let us know at
Discounts and promotions cannot be applied to subscriptions unless specified. Gift cards cannot be used to purchase them, either.

Prior to shipping the recipient's first box, we will contact them to confirm the most accurate shipping address.
We announce boxes around the 15th of every month and expect them to arrive in 3 - 5 business days. Each time a box is going out, we will send an email with the tracking information.
Send a gift using your Umami Square account! Keep the "Optional Recipient Information" fields blank if you want your recipient to not receive notifications. You can forward or print your recipient's order notification at your convenience!
Please note that subscriptions cannot be shipped to Alaska or Hawaii
Any other questions about Shipping? Contact us

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Elevate Your Dining Experience

Umami's Monthly Premium Dinner Subscription offers fresh ingredients and creative recipes to elevate your culinary journey. With attention to detail and exceptional customer service, this subscription is a must-try for food enthusiasts seeking unforgettable flavors. Highly recommended! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐