souzyu-en modern series Lid-cup wind


Order placed: September 22, 2023

Dispatch Date: September 27, 2023

Delivery Date: October 04, 2023

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It is an eco-friendly product.
A ceramic cup in the shape of a paper cup.
The lid and sleeve are made of silicone.
You can wash it and use it as many times as you like.
Great Cup for home work or office!

Customer Reviews

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Amazing Lid-Cup!!

The Souzyu-En Lid-Cup Wind is not only eco-friendly and reusable, but it's also incredibly versatile. I use it at home, work, and even during outdoor adventures. The silicone lid and sleeve make it easy to handle, and the ceramic cup adds a touch of elegance. It's very easy for my day-to-day life works.

Love my Souzyu-en Modern Series Lid-Cup Wind!

I'm glad to tell you that I am excited about the Souzyu-en Modern Series Lid-Cup Wind and that it has brought practicality and organization to my kitchen. It's wonderful when products can enhance our lives and make our daily routines more enjoyable.

Fantastic Lid Cup for a Modern Touch

The sleek design and practical functionality make it a must-have for any tea or coffee lover. It fits perfectly in my hand and keeps my beverages hot for longer periods.

A Breezy Sipping Experience!

The lid cup design is genius, allowing me to enjoy my hot beverages without worrying about spills. It adds joy and lightness to my life. And also It is a stylish addition to my collection.

A Delightful Addition to My Kitchen

I am really happy about the Souzyu-en Modern Series Lid-Cup Wind, and it's superb for me! Its sleek design and functionality make lid storage a breeze. And makes it very easy for carrying my drinks to any place. I used this as my drinking journey partner.