Tenugui Kurashiki original


Order placed: September 28, 2023

Dispatch Date: October 03, 2023

Delivery Date: October 10, 2023

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Dimension : approximately 13.5”× 35”
Material: Cotton 100%
Dyeing method: 注染 Chu-sen
※   “注染 Chu-sen” is a traditional Japanese dyeing method in which a paper pattern is cut out and placed on a piece of cloth, and the dye is poured over the pattern. Hand-dyeing by craftsmen produces fine color bleeding and gradation, and because the yarn itself is dyed, it is dyed in vivid hues, even when viewed from the reverse side.

How to care
We recommend hand washing at water temperatures up to 104°F.
Do not use chlorine or oxygen bleach.
Colors may bleed if the fabric is layered with other fabrics while wet.
Please handle with care.
Since this is a traditional tenugui towel with the edges left unstitched, the edges will begin to fray at the beginning of use. The fraying will stop naturally so please use it while cutting with scissors as needed.
In Japan, there is a concept of "nurturing" tenugui. By using a tenugui until the edges are no longer frayed, the fabric becomes softer and more comfortable against the skin. The charm of tenugui is that you can enjoy growing your own one-of-a-kind tenugui just like jeans.

Customer Reviews

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Alexandra Rowe
Japanese craftsmanship and tradition

I was impressed by the fine dyeing technique used, which adds depth and richness to the patterns.

Geraldine Goodman
true work of art

The intricate patterns and colors beautifully depict the essence of Kurashiki. I love the attention to detail and the unique design inspired by the historical quarter of the city.

Charlene Nichols
A journey of beauty and tradition

As I followed the care instructions and nurtured the tenugui with gentle hand washing, I witnessed its edges fray naturally, revealing the unique character that only time and use can bring.