(3-tiered Bento Box) "Jubako" Hanamaru


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Order placed: June 12, 2024

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Experience Timeless Luxury with the JUBAKO

Elevate your dining experience with the exquisite elegance of the JUBAKO—a traditional Japanese food vessel steeped in history and luxury. Crafted in the style of a luxurious three-tiered box, reminiscent of the tables graced by nobles and lords, each layer of the JUBAKO is meticulously designed to honor Japan's rich cultural heritage.

Versatile Functionality: Whether used to serve a diverse array of dishes or to showcase sweets, the JUBAKO serves as a stunning centerpiece, transforming any table setting into a visual masterpiece. Revel in its splendor as you unveil each tier, offering a tantalizing glimpse into Japan's culinary and artistic traditions.

Exquisite Design: Adorned with meticulously hand-brushed maki-e lacquer, the JUBAKO captures the essence of Japan's natural beauty. Cherry and plum blossoms symbolize spring, while autumn leaves and bellflowers evoke the colors of fall. Each box is crafted with care by skilled artisans, ensuring a unique and personal touch.

Convenient Maintenance: Enjoy the luxury of dishwasher-safe convenience, allowing you to indulge in elegance without the hassle of tedious cleaning routines.


  • Base Material: ABS resin
  • Coat: Urethane coating


  • Approximately 5.91 inches x 5.91 inches x 5.91 inches

Care Instructions:

  • Dishwasher safe
  • Not microwave safe

About Maki-e:

Maki-e is a traditional Japanese lacquer art technique that involves delicately sprinkling powdered gold or silver onto wet lacquerware. The result is an exquisite piece that showcases the radiant metallic patterns against a rich lacquer background, reflecting centuries of craftsmanship and beauty.


Founded in 1809, KITAICHI SHIKKITEN is a renowned Japanese lacquerware company known for its commitment to modernizing traditional craftsmanship. The JUBAKO, in particular, has garnered praise both domestically and internationally for its beautiful design and practicality, reflecting the brand's dedication to providing luxurious yet functional pieces for modern lifestyles.

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Greg Albanis
Great craftsmanship is

Lovely bento boxes. I will use to hold various items by my bed. Easily organizes things like jewelry. I bought two. The other for food !!