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Experience the authentic flavors of Japan at home with our wide selection of chef-prepared meals and we also bring you a wide selection of authentic traditional crafts imported directly from Japanese manufacturers and craftsmen.

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Using the highest quality ingredients directly from Japan, you can find many kinds of treats here.


Feel Authentic Japanese Crafts

Using the highest quality materials and skill directly from Japan

From the people
For a foodie who loves to travel, but unfortunately can’t because of the current circumstances Umami Square is a really great platform where you can get Japanese meals from restaurants throughout the US. I am looking forward to trying new Japanese restaurants without hopping on a plane.
— @bellythebeast
Umami Square is a great platform! It’s a one stop shop for some of the best Japanese restaurants in NYC and beyond. We can get some of our favorite ramen shipped directly from restaurants and straight to our door in only a few days, making it easy to whip up a quick bowl of high quality ramen at home anytime. We love that Umami Square makes it easy for us to continue to support local shops.
— @Ramenclubnyc
Umani square is such an amazing delivery platform that brings all Japanese restaurants from all over the country under one site. They offer some of the best ramen kits that are super easy to assemble and taste as good or even better than dining in a restaurant. I have tried one restaurant so far but I know I am going try all the others from around the county without leaving the comfort of my home.
— @dine365
I thought it was great. The meals were so easy to put together and the ingredients were really quality. The final dish didn’t taste any inferior to what you would get in a restaurant!
— @tinaxyzw
Love Umami Square! It’s a great platform where I can get food delivered from all my favorite Japanese restaurants across the country. The portions are great and It’s also easy to cook or heat up the food at home.
— @dianaeatsnyc