Kabajikichi Lacquer Wear

📍 Ishikawa, Japan

A Legacy Reborn

Founded in the Meiji era by the esteemed Kaba Jikichi, Kabajikichi Lacquer Wear has been a cornerstone of lacquerware craftsmanship in Wajima. In those days, our shop flourished, boasting numerous storehouses and earning a reputation for excellence. However, as time passed, subsequent generations chose to pursue careers as craftsmen, causing the identity of the lacquerware shop to fade.

Preserving Tradition, Exploring New Horizons

Today, as the fourth-generation proprietor, I, Kaba Motoki, am dedicated to reviving the legacy of Kabajikichi. Apprenticing under my father, the previous generation, I strive to operate the lacquerware shop as it was in the days of our esteemed founder. Our craftsmen oversee every aspect of the production process, ensuring the highest quality from start to finish.

A Commitment to Innovation

While honoring our rich heritage, we also embrace innovation. Under the policy of "we'll lacquer anything that can be lacquered," we actively collaborate with different industries and explore new materials. Despite the challenges, we lead fulfilling lives as we push the boundaries of lacquerware craftsmanship.