Kabajikichi Lacquer Wear

📍 Ishikawa, Japan

In the Meiji era, the first-generation Kaba Jikichi established the lacquerware shop. The term "nushiya" refers to not only craftsmen who create lacquerware but also individuals or shops involved in its sale. At that time, KabaJikichi's lacquerware shop in Wajima was one of the most prosperous, boasting numerous storehouses. However, subsequent successors pursued careers as craftsmen rather than maintaining the identity of a lacquerware shop, causing it to disappear as such.

I am currently the fourth-generation, and while I apprenticed as a craftsman under my father, the previous generation, I strive to operate the lacquerware shop as it was in the days of the first generation, where craftsmen managed the entire process from production to sales. While preserving the name of the past that once faded, I explore new possibilities in lacquer every day.

Following the policy of "we'll lacquer anything that can be lacquered," I actively engage in collaborations with different industries and new materials. Despite the challenges, I lead a fulfilling life.

Kaba Jikichi Lacquerware Shop, 4th Generation - Kaba Motoki.