Miyoshi Mfg Co. Ltd

📍 Shizuoka, Japan

About Us: In the pursuit of excellence, we believe that Japan's success as a wealthy nation stems from its unparalleled "skill of manufacturing." At our core, we uphold the ethos of bringing up individuals, nurturing technology, sharing successes, and continuously striving for improvement.

Our Philosophy: We stand firm in our belief that a company is not merely an entity but a collective of individuals united by a common purpose. Our journey is guided by the principle of inclusivity, where every employee is valued, appreciated, and empowered to contribute to our shared success.

Shared Values:

  • Unity in Prosperity: In times of triumph, we celebrate together, sharing in the joys and accomplishments as one cohesive team.
  • Gratitude in Adversity: When faced with challenges, we express gratitude for the collective efforts and resilience of each member, fostering a culture of mutual support and appreciation.
  • Strength in Unity: During difficult times, we find solace and strength in each other's company, knowing that together, we can overcome any obstacle.

Our Vision: Just as a person builds a company, it is the collective efforts of individuals that nurture and elevate the company. Our vision is to be the epitome of a "company of manufacturing," where technology, innovation, and human capital converge to drive continuous growth and success.

Featured Product:

  • Japanese Lunch Box - Wooden-lid: Experience the artistry and functionality of traditional Japanese craftsmanship with our Japanese Lunch Box featuring a wooden lid. Crafted with precision and care, these lunch boxes are not just containers but a testament to the rich heritage of Japanese manufacturing. Elevate your dining experience with our exquisite wooden-lid lunch boxes, where tradition meets innovation in perfect harmony.

At Company of Manufacturing, we are committed to fostering a culture of excellence, collaboration, and growth. Join us on our journey as we strive to redefine the boundaries of manufacturing excellence.