📍 Okayama, Japan

About Atobu-gama Atobu-gama is renowned for its exquisite traditional Japanese crafts, meticulously created by master craftsmen. Craftsmanship at Its Finest From 亜登武窯 (Atobu-gama) in Kurashiki, Mr. Kenji Takeda, a distinguished 職人 (craftsman) of traditional Japanese pottery, brings you his exceptional 備前焼 (Bizenyaki). Unlike traditional Bizenyaki, Mr. Takeda’s creations are microwaveable, ovenable, and dishwasher-safe. The Art of Bizenyaki Creating these unique pieces requires a kiln heated to 1200℃ over a span of 10 days, with firewood adjusted continuously for 24 hours. Even in winter, with the air conditioner on, the room temperature remains above 40℃ due to the intense heat of the kiln. Handcrafted Excellence Each piece of Bizenyaki from Atobu-gama is handcrafted with dedication and skill, reflecting the passion and hard work of the craftsman. These works of art cannot be mass-produced, making each dish a unique testament to traditional Japanese craftsmanship.