📍 Okayama, Japan

Atobu-gama has many precious Japanese traditional crafts made by professional 職人 the craftsmen. 

From 亜登武窯/ Atobugama, Mr. Kenji Takeda, the 職人 of the traditional Japanese pottery in Kurashiki, offers his special備前焼 / Bizenyaki which is invented to Microwaveable, Ovenable, and Dishwasherable, unlike the traditional one.

To bake the dishes, he needs to make a kiln to 1200℃ and it takes around 10 days! Adjust firewood for 24 hours. Even during the winter and with the air conditioner on, the room doesn’t get cooler than 40℃.

This 備前焼, made entirely by hand under hard labor, cannot be mass-produced. Each dish is filled with the craftsman's passion.