Konoha Leaf-style Serving Dish (Deep Large)


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Konoha Leaf-Style Serving Dish (Deep Large)

Discover the elegance of Japanese craftsmanship with our Konoha Leaf-Style Serving Dish from Atobugama, available exclusively at Umami Square in New York. 🍃 These beautifully hand-shaped bowls, created without using molds, bring a unique and artistic touch to your dining experience. 🎨✨

Each serving dish features distinctive patterns, such as “Botamochi” (rice cake covered with sweet bean paste) and “Goma” (sesame seeds), developed during the firing process in a traditional climbing kiln. The “Goma” pattern is formed by the melting charcoal ashes from pine branches, which serve as a natural glaze, adding a unique flavor and texture to each dish. 🌲🔥

Key Features

  • Handcrafted Artistry: Each bowl is meticulously hand-formed without molds, ensuring a unique piece every time. 🖐️
  • Distinctive Patterns: Enjoy the intricate “Botamochi” and “Goma” patterns, created naturally during the high-heat firing process. 🍘🌿
  • Practical Design: The slightly raised edges make these dishes perfect for serving pastas, salads, and other dishes with sauces or dressings. 🍝🥗
  • Versatile Use: With dimensions of L: W27 x D18.5 x H6.8 cm and a weight of 600g, this deep plate is ideal for stylish and practical serving. 📏⚖️

Bring a piece of Japan into your home with our Konoha Leaf-Style Serving Dish, perfect for adding a touch of elegance to any meal. Shop now at Umami Square and enjoy the finest Japanese craftsmanship delivered straight to your doorstep anywhere in the US. 🏠📦

Enhance your dining table with the sophisticated look of our Konoha Leaf-Style Serving Dish. Whether you're searching for art craft supplies in NY or exclusive Japan's stuff to buy in New York, Umami Square offers the best selection of authentic Japanese products. 🗽🇯🇵

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Darrell Hogan
true work of art!

Not only do these bowls elevate the presentation of the food, but they also add a touch of nature-inspired beauty to the dining experience.