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Discover Japan's Majestic Beauty in Every Sachet

Unveil the essence of Japanese elegance encapsulated within each delicately hand-woven silk sachet, a testament to craftsmanship that produces only about 10 feet per day. Crafted by a renowned perfumer from Kyoto, this refined Japanese aroma transports you to a world of serene beauty.

Adorned with iconic Japanese art visuals, including Ukiyo-e, cherry blossoms, and kimono patterns, the smooth silk sachet emanates a sweet and nostalgically fragrant aroma, adding a touch of sophistication to any space.




  • Long-lasting Scent: Once opened, the captivating aroma lasts for approximately 2 months, providing enduring enjoyment.
  • Recommended Usage:
    • Ideal for room decor, infusing spaces with a delicate Japanese ambiance.
    • Perfect for scenting small items like fans and hairpins when stored in an airtight drawer or storage space, creating an enchanting Japanese-style fragrance effortlessly.


  • Fragrance: Crafted from 100% natural aromatic wood, including "白檀 Byakudan" (sandalwood), "桂皮 Keihi" (cinnamon bark), "龍能 Ryūnō" (dragon brain), finely chopped and expertly blended for a harmonious scent.
  • Fabric: Made from 100% silk with cotton filling and adorned with Mizuhiki (paper strings) for an exquisite finish.


  • Approximate Size: 3.15 inches × 3.15 inches × 3.54 inches


Driven by a commitment to sustainability, ALPHA DESIGNING aims to offer products that utilize natural materials with minimal environmental impact, catering to a generation and market seeking change from excessive production and consumption practices.

  • OEM Product Development: Proudly collaborated with notable entities such as George's Furniture and a gold leaf manufacturer in Kanazawa, Ishikawa Prefecture, producing incense bags adorned with gold leaf.
  • Product Line: Introduced original products like "Kanazawa Kaori" (incense bag) in 2014, earning recognition with awards such as the Ishikawa brand certification.
  • Business Guideline: Focused on addressing customer needs sincerely, promptly, and accurately.

Experience the Aroma: Explore our range of scented bags, floor mats, rugs, cushions, stoles, and more, and immerse yourself in the enchanting scents of Japan.

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Winona Chun
Kanazawa Kaori

Well made scented sachets. Fabrics are very nice. Strong sachet scent.