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Japan's Majestic Beauty in a Sachet.

Encased within hand-woven silk that can only be produced at a rate of about 10 feet per day, is a refined Japanese aroma crafted by a Kyoto perfumer.

You can enjoy the iconic Japanese art visuals, such as Ukiyo-e, cherry blossoms, and kimono patterns, depicted on the smooth silk, paired with a sweet and nostalgically fragrant aroma.

Once opened, the scent will last for about 2 months.



Recommended usage

Simply perfect for room decor.

For scenting small items. Stored in an airtight drawer or other storage space, it can be used to scent fans, hairpins, and other small items. It is an easy way to create a delicate Japanese-style fragrance.


Fragrance: 100% natural aromatic wood (”白檀 Byakudan ”-sandalwood, "桂皮 Keihi" -cinnamon bark, "龍能 Ryūnō"-dragon brain, etc., finely chopped and optimally blended)
Fabric: 100% silk, cotton filling: polyester, Mizuhiki (paper strings )



Approximately; 3.15 inches × 3.15 inches × 3.54 inches.



Management Philosophy: To become a company that is supported by a generation and market that seeks change from excessive production and consumption activities through the development of products that use natural materials with a low environmental impact.
OEM product development achievements: (George's Furniture) and a gold leaf manufacturer in Kanazawa, Ishikawa Prefecture (production of incense bags decorated with gold leaf).  
In 2014, we started selling our original product "Kanazawa Kaori" (incense bag).
Awards: Acquired Ishikawa brand certification in 2014. In the same year, Kanazawa Kagayaki Brand certified products were acquired. 
Business guideline: To respond to customers' requests sincerely, promptly, and accurately.
Design, planning, import, and wholesale of interior fabric products (indoor textile products); design, planning, manufacturing, and sales of incense bags


Scented bags, floor mats, rugs, cushions, stoles, etc.


Customer Reviews

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Winona Chun
Kanazawa Kaori

Well made scented sachets. Fabrics are very nice. Strong sachet scent.