Stylish "Ukiyoe" bottle 11.8 fl.oz/NAMIURA

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Tradition on the Go: Crafted to Carry & Use.

The artistry of the traditional craft "Yamanaka Lacquerware" has been generously infused into these stainless-steel bottles.

In the "Yamanaka-塗りnuri" technique of Yamanaka Lacquerware, artisans meticulously hand-paint each bottle. Additionally, after the primary artwork, a non-slip coating called "Shittori-nuri" is applied, offering a premium texture and finish. In the "Modern Makie" decoration technique, artisans individually hand-apply metallic gold dust, achieving a luster and three-dimensionality unparalleled by conventional printing.

By incorporating traditional Japanese ukiyo-e graphics through the Modern Makie technique, this bottle emerges as an item of exceptional quality and charm. Perfectly sized at 350ml, it's ideal for office or outdoor use, and the design stands out beautifully. The bottle cap is a mixed material of bamboo and stainless steel, providing a unique touch. This is a design for those who desire something truly distinct.

Carrying this bottle in an everyday bag allows one to feel the essence of traditional craftsmanship up close. 

  • Made of stainless steel for long-lasting temperature retention.
  • Its double-wall vacuum insulation minimizes condensation, making it easy to hold even with hot contents.
  • Comes with a leak-proof seal for added peace of mind.


    • Material: Stainless steel
    • Coating: Urethane finish
    • Printing: Modern Makie (Silk screen printing) ※The type of gold color is achieved through imitation gold leaf application.

    • Post-processing: Urethane clear coat.


    • Capacity: 11.8 fl.oz.
    • Size: 2.83 inches in diameter x 7.01 inches in height.

    How To Care

    Please wash with a soft sponge and mild detergent.

    Not dishwasher safe.

    Not microwave safe.


    About "Yamanaka-Lacquering (塗りNuri)"

    "Yamanaka-Lacquering(塗りnuri)" is a traditional lacquer technique that originated in the Yamanaka region of Kaga City, Ishikawa Prefecture. This technique, which has become a defining characteristic of Yamanaka lacquerware, produces pieces with a unique luster and texture.

    1. Lacquering (塗りNuri): This isn't simply painting. Multiple layers of a special lacquer are applied to the piece. With each layer, there's a drying and polishing process. This meticulous application of multiple layers gives the finished piece its profound glossiness and smoothness.

    2. Distinctive Shine: The hallmark shine of Yamanaka-nuri arises from this intricate layering and polishing process. It's known for its durability, and over time, the shine evolves, becoming even more beautiful.

    3. Designs: Designs range from traditional to modern, but all retain the distinctive texture and beauty of Yamanaka-nuri.

    Yamanaka-nuri is highly valued within Japanese lacquerware because of the precision of its techniques and processes. Its beauty and functionality, cherished across generations, make it suitable for both everyday use and more formal occasions.


    About " 縁音(enne)"

    "Traditional craft × Life & Fashion"
    Yamanaka Lacquerware, is a traditional craft that has been around since the Azuchi-Momoyama Period (1573-1603) in Japan.
    Inheriting traditional techniques we pass down conventional skills to the next generation of craftsman to create products that fit todays lifestyles.

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