(Two-tiered bento box)"ICHIMATSU"


Order placed: February 23, 2024

Dispatch Date: February 28, 2024

Delivery Date: March 06, 2024

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Sleek Design, Structured Functionality.

A two-tiered jubako box adorned with the traditional Japanese checkerboard pattern, Ichimatsu. It comes with four dividers to neatly section off dishes, making your cuisine beautifully presented. With two inner lids included, not only is it visually appealing, but it can also be used individually as smaller serving boxes. Versatility at its finest!


Base material: ABS resin
Coat: urethane coating



  • Large stack box × 2 (7.68 × 7.68 × 2.36 inches)
  • Large lid × 1 (7.68 × 7.68 × 0.59 inches)
  • Small inside box × 4 (3.62 × 3.62 × 1.50 inches)
  • Small lid × 2 (3.62 × 3.62 × 0.20 inches)


How To Care

Dishwasher safe.

Not microwave safe.




KITAICHI SHIKKITEN is one of the leading company of Japanese lacquerware that founded 1809.Hiroyuki Kitaichi, the 7th president, has focused on modern lacquerware that is especially easy to use and fits the modern lifestyle.Especially ,JUBAKO,traditional Japanese vessel is popular and has many fans in Japan and abroad, because of its beautiful design and ease of use.
Brand concept:
By arranging dishes in a three-tiered space, you can provide customers with a gorgeous table when they are stacked and a happy surprise when they are spread out. 
KITAICHI has a wide range of beautiful JUBAKO in various designs and impressions. We recommend that you always make your dishes shine with the most attractive design.

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