Modern Series Cup with Lid - Rain


Order placed: July 18, 2024

Dispatch Date: July 23, 2024

Delivery Date: July 30, 2024

🌟 Modern Series Cup with Lid - Rain 🌟

Upgrade your drinking experience with our eco-friendly Cup with Lid, featuring a ceramic design reminiscent of a classic paper cup. Made with sustainability in mind, the lid and sleeve are crafted from silicone, ensuring durability and reusability for countless drinks to come. Whether at home, work, or the office, this cup is your perfect companion!


Eco-Friendly Design: Say goodbye to disposable cups and embrace sustainability with our reusable Cup with Lid, reducing waste one sip at a time.

🌧️ Modern Series Design: Adorned with patterns from the souzyu-en modern series, this cup adds a touch of contemporary elegance to your beverage routine.

🔄 Versatile Usage: Suitable for both hot and cold beverages, this cup is microwave and dishwasher safe, offering convenience without compromising on style.

Why Choose Our Modern Series Cup with Lid?

Premium Quality: Made in Japan from porcelain/Seto ware, this cup boasts a smooth texture and exceptional durability for long-lasting enjoyment.

🌈 Stylish and Functional: The sleek design and practical silicone lid make this cup a stylish and functional addition to your daily routine, perfect for any occasion.

🔄 Easy Maintenance: With its dishwasher-safe design, cleaning is a breeze, allowing you to focus on enjoying your favorite drinks without the hassle.

Elevate Your Drinking Experience Enhance your daily routine with our Modern Series Cup with Lid - Rain and enjoy the perfect blend of style, sustainability, and convenience. ☕