Rayon Fabric - Kiyomizudera


Order placed: July 18, 2024

Dispatch Date: July 23, 2024

Delivery Date: July 30, 2024

🌟 Japanese Traditional Rayon Fabric - Kiyomizudera 🌟

Experience Kyoto's Timeless Beauty!

Kyoto as seen through furoshiki. Kyoto is now an international city known throughout the world. The world has come to love the beautiful four seasons in Japan and the world of historic temples and shrines, which are expressed in the furoshiki. It is a great souvenir of Kyoto and is also recommended as a gift from overseas.


  • Exquisite Design: Crafted by Masao Ido, a leading contemporary Japanese woodblock print artist. 🎨

  • Versatile Use: Perfect for interior decoration or as a thoughtful gift. 🎁

  • Handmade Quality: Meticulously crafted in Kyoto, Japan using 100% Rayon fabric. ✂️

Each furoshiki is meticulously handmade in Kyoto, Japan, using 100% Rayon fabric, ensuring quality and authenticity in every piece. Measuring at 68cm x 68cm (27×27in), it's perfect for a range of uses from gift wrapping to household decor.

Embrace the philosophy of eco-friendly living with our Rayon Fabric - Kiyomizudera. Whether it's for a new house, store opening, or as a unique commemorative gift, this masterpiece furoshiki can be enjoyed as both a high-quality interior decoration and a symbol of Japanese tradition.