Have you ever heard about the facts of a Japanese restaurant? Mainly food is considered the most serious business globally. It can be because people probably prefer to eat outside or maybe it can be the taste of food. In either case, food is a very efficient business worldwide.

It doesn't matter how picky you are in terms of food, but Japanese food will win your heart. Most of the time, it was found that people have an extreme level of obsession with the foods of Japan that you will never see anywhere else. If you love to eat and enjoy foods, then make sure to know more about the culinary traditions of Japan. As per the feedback, it is said that Japan should be at the top of the world tour bucket list to explore and enjoy different types of foods.

There are numerous things that you don't know about Japanese restaurants. Here we will talk about some amazing facts that will surprise you.


Things to know about Japanese restaurants:

As we know that every culture has different types of foods, etiquette, and even traditions. If you are new to Japanese food, you might find it a bit strange, but later you will learn about their tradition and culture. In terms of foods, Not only are there weird foods that you need to know about Japanese restaurants, there are many interesting lesser-known facts related to the tradition of Japanese staples. Read the article to see if you know any of these facts about Japanese restaurants or foods or not.

  1. Ramen! It is widely popular in many countries, and many people are familiar with it. It doesn't matter if the ramen is instant fresh; it is always prepared in traditional restaurants. However, Japanese are different. Japanese Restaurants hold unwritten rules related to eating ramen in restaurants.
  2. The Golden Rule is not to dawdle while eating. When the bowl of ramen is served, then slurp your ramen down to the very last drop.
  3. Japanese restaurants also provide horse meat. Eating horse meat seems very common for people. Probably the thing or the fact is that horse meat is served raw. Raw horse meat is their specialty dish. You can eat raw horse meat by dipping the slices in soy sauce. It is mainly garnished with garlic.
  4. Most people in Japan love to eat and enjoy fresh foods. Most of the time, translucent fish are found swimming around in your bowl or plate. You will be able to feel the sensation of fresh food.
  5. There is no doubt that Japanese restaurants have tons of dishes topped with fish eggs. Those who don't like eggs can try 'shirako' or fish sperm.
  6. It is essential to know that Japanese foods are mainly prepared using seasonal ingredients and flavors. They believe in great taste and presentation as well. The chefs of Japanese restaurants consider lots of seasons and select the elements carefully which represent their specific period.
  7. Simplicity is their key. They mostly prefer a few small items that are fresh and straightforward with flavor. The central concept of a Japanese restaurant chef is to work with the top quality of the ingredients and do very little to the food to bring its natural color and flavor.
  8. They use garlic, chili pepper, and oil infrequently. Most of the foods are seared, boiled, or even eaten raw.
  9. They add simple condiments to their foods to improve the flavor and contrast of the food. They also serve light dipping sauces, soy sauce, pickles, and others with the main course.
  10. Most traditional Japanese restaurants don't have low-wage 'wait staff'. Seafood is a significant part of their diet. It is also said that seafood fishing, including the import industry, is staggering in Japan.
Dragon Yamamoto