Japanese Chef-Prepared Meals straight to your door from the Restaurant to Your Home!

STEP 1  Prepared by Skilled Japanese Chefs!

Each dish is crafted by the masters and artists who have been mastering their craft. Created by extraordinary Japanese chefs, you can order dishes from Japanese restaurants across the USA


STEP 2  Shipped from Japanese Restaurants to All 50 States!

East coast to west coast, you can rely on Umami Square to ship meal kits fast to all 50 states (Hawaii and Alaska excluded).

STEP 3  Just 5-10 minutes in your kitchen!

Hang up that apron, because this will be a Chef-prepped meal. Each Umami Square kit is chosen from restaurants all over the country and packed for maximum freshness with the very best and healthiest ingredients around. Simple instructions for minimal cooking time will get you started and finished in as little as 5 minutes



Umami Square is able to deliver the chef-prepared meal you’ll need to plate up authentic Japanese meals in your own home.

Nationwide Shipping

From East coast to West, you can rely on Umami Square shipping meal kits fast to all 50 states (Hawaii and Alaska excluded).


Surprise someone with a true, authentic taste of Japan like they’ve never tried before.

Crafted by the Masters

The hunt for authentic flavors ends here. Each dish is crafted by the masters and artists who have been producing their cuisine all day, every day, for years. 

Right Portion

Each dish is prepared with the freshest ingredients to deliver flavors that have been passed down for generations. 


Chef-prepared meals can be made in as little as 5-10 minutes. Using nothing more than standard utensils and your own drive for better eating.