(Two-Tiered Lunch Box) BENTO Ninja


Order placed: February 23, 2024

Dispatch Date: February 28, 2024

Delivery Date: March 06, 2024

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The Smart and Adorable Ninja Bento Box!

Cute "Ninja" character lunch box. Cute design and functional! The dome-shaped seal lid makes it easy to hold side dishes. The soup bowl on the head is attached, so you can drink soup too! It's so cute, it doubles as a decorative piece for your interior!


Lid/Body: PET

A Inner Lid: PE


approximately φ3.93 inches x 5.11 inches.


How To Care

Dishwasher safe.

Microwave safe.

※Dome-shaped inner lid not suitable for microwave and dishwasher



The founder, Takeo Tatsumiya, moved from Tokyo to Yamanaka Onsen in Ishikawa and started a business in Yamanaka lacquerware, a local industry. After the war, he laid the foundation by shifting from wooden lacquerware to mass-produced plastic ones. From around the 1970s, as the gift market for wedding favors and other occasions grew, we expanded our product range from tableware to include clocks and home appliances, significantly growing the Yamanaka lacquerware industry.

Later, coinciding with the burst of the economic bubble, we launched the bento box brand "HAKOYA," focusing on design and functionality, expanding our market domestically and internationally. HAKOYA's brand concept, "Bento boxes are a form of communication," positions lunchboxes as a tool for interpersonal connections within families, workplaces, and schools, striving to spread this wonderful aspect of Japanese food culture not just in Japan but globally.

Meanwhile, as the world undergoes significant changes due to globalization and advancements in IT, lifestyles and values are also shifting. In this context, our bento boxes, which are eco-friendly and reusable, play a role in reducing food waste. We believe that Japan's bento culture can play a vital role in realizing a sustainable society.

While valuing the skills and sensibilities of traditional Yamanaka lacquerware craftsmanship, we aim to continue developing products that are useful to society and contribute to the community and the wider world.

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