Batten Ramen

📍 Fort Lee, NJ

Experience 17+ Years of Ramen Excellence

For over 17 years, Batten Ramen has been serving the New Jersey area with pride. Nestled in Fort Lee, New Jersey, we stand as the premier destination for ramen aficionados.

A Pioneer in Ramen

Batten Ramen holds the distinction of being one of the pioneering ramen restaurants in the United States. Our signature broth, crafted from pork and generously infused with green onion, sets us apart. Each bowl is a testament to our dedication to authenticity and flavor.

Crafted with Care, Served with Passion

We meticulously select fresh, high-quality ingredients and employ traditional Japanese cooking techniques to bring you the finest offerings in New Jersey. From our rich and flavorful ramen to our delectable curry, vegetarian options, and an array of Japanese side dishes, there's something to tantalize every palate.