📍 Long Island City, NY

BentOn Kit is a Japanese food meal kit for home use that is quick, delicious, and rich in nutrition just by boiling it in hot water!

Our corporate philosophy is "BENTO FOR ALL", and our mission is to solve various food-related social issues faced by people using BENTO, a traditional Japanese food style.

1. "BentOn Daily": For busy NY office workers, they can easily get a nutritionally balanced meal without worrying about choosing lunch every day.
2. "BentOn Catering": Can be used as a small Japanese platter for each event or birthday party.
3. "BentOn Kit": Busy people who have increased their burden as more meals are eaten at home due to the corona vortex occurring on a global scale. Daily meals and nutrition management, and even seasoning that you will never get tired of. So that you can save such a difficult "home meal".