Fried Chicken Combo

By BentOn


Order placed: April 21, 2024

Dispatch Date: April 25, 2024

Delivery Date: April 26, 2024

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BentOn's Fried Chicken Combo

Location: Long Island City, NY

Indulge in the ultimate comfort food experience with BentOn's Fried Chicken Combo. Crafted with care and bursting with flavor, our fried chicken combo brings together tender fried chicken pieces with an array of locally sourced veggies, all complemented by our irresistible sweet and sour green onion sauce. Savor the delightful combination of carrots, pumpkin, okra, lotus root slices, and pickled eggplant, served over a bed of nutritious quinoa white rice. Each bite is a delicious and wholesome treat, providing you with a balanced meal that's both tasty and nutritious.


  • Fried Chicken: 2-3 pieces x 2 packs
  • Carrot, Pumpkin, Okra, Lotus Root Veg Pack: 2 packs
  • Sweet and Sour Scallion Sauce: 4 packs
  • Pickled Eggplant: 2 packs
  • Quinoa White Rice: 2 packs


  1. Reheating Fried Chicken, Veggies, Sauce, and Rice: Submerge the packs of fried chicken, carrot, pumpkin, okra, lotus root veg pack, sweet and sour scallion sauce, and quinoa white rice in boiling water for the designated time mentioned on each pouch.

  2. Pickled Eggplant: Pickled eggplant packs are ready to eat.

How to Store Food:

  • Each meal is quickly cooled, vacuum-sealed in pouches, and shipped chilled on ice to maintain freshness.
  • Upon arrival, place all packs in the fridge for storage.

About the Restaurant:

Our commitment to freshness begins at our factory, where all ingredients are meticulously prepared and cooked. Immediately after cooking, we flash-freeze our food to maintain its freshness until it reaches your doorstep. With no preservatives or additives, our meals are not only delicious but also safe for everyone, including children. At BentOn, we prioritize quality, sourcing Japanese rice Nanatsuboshi and locally grown vegetables from farms in NY, NJ, PA, and CT. Our meats, fish, and rice are carefully selected from trusted Japanese wholesalers, ensuring every bite is filled with authentic flavors and peace of mind.

Customer Reviews

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Evan Munoz
Indulge in deliciousness

The chicken was crispy, juicy, and packed with flavor, while the accompanying local veggies and addictive sweet and sour green onion sauce added a delightful twist.