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Experience Japanese Cuisine Every Month with Umami Square Subscriptions! 🍱🎉

Get ready for a culinary adventure with Umami Square's monthly subscription service! Indulge in luxury yakiniku, rich ramen, satisfying donburi, elegant desserts, and must-try appetizers like pork belly or yakitori, all expertly crafted by skilled Japanese chefs.

Product Info:

Step 1: Enter the recipient’s shipping information.

Step 2: Provide the recipient’s email during checkout for instant notifications and monthly updates. If it's a gift, include your own email to notify your recipient later.

Step 3: Each month, subscribers receive a curated box of legendary items from Umami Square, including delectable dishes like:

  • Yakiniku West's Yakiniku @ home "Zei"
  • Takoyaki Tanota's Variety flavors Set
  • Shin Sen Gumi's Hakata Ramen
  • Shinka Ramen's Beef Bone Marrow Ramen
  • Shingen's Hiroo no Curry
  • Mochii's Gluten-free Mochi Ice Cream

More Info:

  • Subscriptions placed by the end of the month at 12:00pm (EST) will arrive the following month.
  • Shipping announcements are made around the 15th of each month, with delivery scheduled within 3 - 5 business days.
  • Discounts and promotions do not apply to subscriptions. Gift cards cannot be used for purchase.
  • Shipping details: Boxes are announced around the 15th of every month and typically arrive in 3 - 5 business days.
  • Subscriptions cannot be shipped to Alaska or Hawaii.

For any shipping inquiries or further assistance, please contact

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Amazing!! 🤩

Umami Square's Monthly All-Star Subscription is a flavor-packed delight, offering a thoughtfully curated selection of gourmet goodies that will tantalize your taste buds. Highly recommended for culinary adventurers seeking unique and high-quality food experiences.

Monthly Adventure Flavor!

The Monthly Umami All-Star Subscription is simply amazing! Each month brings a delightful surprise of handpicked, high-quality ingredients that have elevated my cooking to a whole new level. It's a convenient and thrilling culinary experience.🤩